Scotline Grand Prix


Thanks to everyone who attended the 19th annual Scotline Grand Prix, held on the 30th June 2015 at Bayford Meadows Kart Circuit in Kent.

We had about 55 people come down to the circuit in Sittingbourne yesterday, forming 15 teams that went head to head to fight it out for the trophy in the searing heat.




It was a perfect day for racing with clear blue skies and temperatures hitting about 32 degrees at the circuit. The day started with a meet and greet, followed by the driver’s briefing, qualifying, then launching into the 3-hour endurance race.

The race was a close affair, with the teams of 3 or 4 drivers going at it with some good fights out on track. After 3 hours of racing the podium was decided with Nordic Forest in third place, Taylor Maxwell in second and MDM (including a few of Scotline’s own) the eventual winners.

UPDATE: After a stewards enquiry, the level of which Formula 1 would have been proud of, Crawley Parker have been promoted to 3rd place due to Nordic Forest not completing enough pit stops! Please congratulate Crawley Parker on their podium finish and edit the picture below using your imagination to include them.


Congratulations to all the winners and everyone who took part, it was a great day and nice to see so many of you who support the grand prix year after year. We hope you enjoyed yourselves!

To see your lap times, click the link below: