From the Archives: Scot Mariner and Scot Isles


More pictures from the archives today: Photos of the nearly-ready-to-sail Scot Mariner before the accommodation block was installed next to her future sister ship the Scot Isles, originally named the Somers Isles.



The photos were taken in 2001 when the Scot Mariner was launched at the Tille Scheepsbouw near Kootstertille in north Holland. When Betty Millatt launched the Scot Mariner, the Somers Isles was still hiding in the barn at an earlier stage of manufacture. Little did anyone know at the time that the two vessels would later become sister ships at Scotline.



Magnusson Shipping Visit East Indiaman Götheborg

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Our good friends at Magnusson Shipping had a very different visitor to normal in Varberg last Thursday when the new timber vessel Götheborg arrived.

The sailing replica of an 18th-century Swedish East Indiaman is the world’s largest operational wooden sailing vessel. She is currently on a 4-month long tour of Europe, visiting a number of ports around the Baltic before visiting the UK at the end of August. Magnussons took the chance whilst she was in Varberg to spend an evening aboard the vessel and to have a look round


Erik, Gabriel, Kristoffer, Calle, Katarina, Sven and Jonas from Magnusson Shipping celebrating the Götheborg’s maiden visit to Varberg