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Scotline Grand Prix 2017


Scotline hosted the 21st Scotline grand Prix on Tuesday 4th July, 2017.

Once again, everyone descended this week on Bayford Meadows Kart circuit in Sittingbourne, for the 21st annual Scotline Grand Prix. On Tuesday 4th July we got together the great & good of the timber industry and UK short sea to see who could complete the most laps of the kart circuit in a 3-hour endurance race.


The pace was a little bit slower than in previous years!

It was a perfect day for racing with warm weather and a bit of cloud. All of the regulars were present along with a couple of new faces, it promised to be an exciting race. From the green flag on, there were 2 fore runners – Tysers and TM Global – that left the pack behind and so it stayed for the remainder of the race.

With the eventual winners getting away, there were still some great battles on the track with everybody finding other drivers of similar standards to tussle with. Eventually though, it just came down to which of the 2 teams would come out victorious….

scotline grand prix 2

Congratulations to TM Global for eventually coming out on top, with Tysers in a close second, and a good time had by all. We hope to see you all again next year for another close and enjoyable race.

Please see lap times for all teams here:


scotline tennis

Scotline Tennis – May 2017


And the Scotline Tennis 2017 winner is….!

On Wednesday May 10th Scotline once again convened on Brentwood Hard Courts to compete for the prestigious Scotline tennis trophy.

Unlike last year which had sun, rain and snow, it was a nice clear day with ideal tennis – playing conditions. 24 players entered into a mixed doubles tournament with a round robin and the top 8 going into semis then a final.

The standard this year was good with a number of people showing their competitive sides. It seems there are a couple of budding Andy Murrays out there in the timber industry, with a few semi-professionals claiming to only play “once in a while”.

After the round robins and the semi finals (and some strawberries and cream), the final was contested between Julie Shotton & Magnus Lofgren vs Cindy Crancher & Pehr Eriksson.

A tough set of tennis later and the eventual winners were decided. The 2017 runners up were Cindy Crancher and Pehr Eriksson:

Leaving the eventual winners as Julie Shotton and (ex professional!) Magnus Lofgren. Congratulations to Julie and Magnus.

Scotline hopes everyone who took part enjoyed the day and we hope to see you all there again next time.

scotline grand prix

Scotline Grand Prix 2016


Last Wednesday we hosted the 20th annual Scotline Grand Prix, held at Bayford Meadows in Sittingbourne.

This is the 18th year we’ve raced at Bayford Meadows. As usual we had a great turnout of people from the timber industry and the UK short sea. The recent showers stayed away and the weather on the day was warm and sunny.


The day started with a short briefing, then a 30-minute practice and qualifying session before the main event: a 3-hour endurance race. Teams of 3 to 5 people battled it out for 3 hours before the eventual podium was settled.


Congratulations to CR Timber for their eventual win, followed closely by Jordeson and Glenn Trade in 2nd and 3rd respectively.

Thanks to everyone who attended, it was a really enjoyable day and we hope to see you again next year. It really is the people who make this event as enjoyable and successful as it is. We should mention a few names who have been attending since our inaugural event, but then again, perhaps they’d rather not be reminded!


If you didn’t attend this year’s Scotline Grand Prix, but think that you can take CR Timber’s crown next year, then get in touch with Cindy in Romford.

john carter

John V Carter – RIP


Our friend and colleague, John Carter, has passed away at the age of 87.

John joined Scotline in 1984 and was Chartering Manager and Director for 16 years. He had a great love of shipping and was committed to his career.  He was a keen connoisseur of food and enjoyed his family holidays to the South of France.

John will be missed by us all.

Merry Christmas from Scotline!



From everyone at Scotline, we wish you a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

It has been a long year with lots of challenges and uncertainty, but that is not to say it was a bad one. On the one hand, the sword of Damocles may finally have dropped with ballast water management only to be replaced with further emissions legislation, but on the other, fuel prices seem to have finally relented, lots of industries have seen at least modest growth this year and LNG is looming large on the industry, just to keep things interesting. We are certainly looking forward to 2016!

We hope that you can enjoy a well-deserved break at the end of this year, feeling ready and refreshed for the year to come. We look forward to hearing from you! 


P.s. Why not download a festive Scotline desktop for your computer.


Magnusson Shipping Visit East Indiaman Götheborg

People, Ships

Our good friends at Magnusson Shipping had a very different visitor to normal in Varberg last Thursday when the new timber vessel Götheborg arrived.

The sailing replica of an 18th-century Swedish East Indiaman is the world’s largest operational wooden sailing vessel. She is currently on a 4-month long tour of Europe, visiting a number of ports around the Baltic before visiting the UK at the end of August. Magnussons took the chance whilst she was in Varberg to spend an evening aboard the vessel and to have a look round


Erik, Gabriel, Kristoffer, Calle, Katarina, Sven and Jonas from Magnusson Shipping celebrating the Götheborg’s maiden visit to Varberg

Scotline Grand Prix


Thanks to everyone who attended the 19th annual Scotline Grand Prix, held on the 30th June 2015 at Bayford Meadows Kart Circuit in Kent.

We had about 55 people come down to the circuit in Sittingbourne yesterday, forming 15 teams that went head to head to fight it out for the trophy in the searing heat.




It was a perfect day for racing with clear blue skies and temperatures hitting about 32 degrees at the circuit. The day started with a meet and greet, followed by the driver’s briefing, qualifying, then launching into the 3-hour endurance race.

The race was a close affair, with the teams of 3 or 4 drivers going at it with some good fights out on track. After 3 hours of racing the podium was decided with Nordic Forest in third place, Taylor Maxwell in second and MDM (including a few of Scotline’s own) the eventual winners.

UPDATE: After a stewards enquiry, the level of which Formula 1 would have been proud of, Crawley Parker have been promoted to 3rd place due to Nordic Forest not completing enough pit stops! Please congratulate Crawley Parker on their podium finish and edit the picture below using your imagination to include them.


Congratulations to all the winners and everyone who took part, it was a great day and nice to see so many of you who support the grand prix year after year. We hope you enjoyed yourselves!

To see your lap times, click the link below:


Ships Monthly’s Youngest Reader Visit


Scotline had a visit on Saturday 25th April from Finan Liddle, Ships Monthly’s youngest reader, who came up to Rochester to visit us. Finan was taken around the terminals and saw the Scot Carrier and Scot Mariner as they were discharging at Scotline Terminal (Medway) and Scotline Terminal (Transit) respectively.

After reading the article about Ships Monthly trying to find their youngest reader, Scotline invited Finan, his father Wil and great grandfather Peter to come and visit us. Recognising the lack of young people coming into the industry, we wanted to offer him the chance to come and get hands-on with a working vessel and also to encourage his interest in shipping further.

Thanks to Finan and his family for coming to visit us and we hope this further encourages his interest in shipping.


Sam Brunton, 2nd Mate on the Scot Mariner, teaching Finan the charts