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Happy New Year


Happy New Year to you all from everyone at Scotline! We hope you had a nice break and are ready for a busy and successful 2018.

As usual with this time of year, the weather has already come in. Have a look at the video below sent over by Josh on the Scot Leader. The vessel was entering Vlissingen / Flushing and looks like she was having a rough ride!

Scot Venture Pipes

Pipes Washed Up on Norfolk Beach Salvaged by Team Effort

Project Cargo, Ships

Back in August you may have seen this story on BBC’s and other new agencies’ websites about some giant pipes that washed up on the Norfolk coast. Often these things are quickly forgotten about, but in this case, we’d like to share the story behind the cleanup and how shipping came to the rescue.

On the 19th July 2017 a tug, sailing from Scandinavia to Algeria and towing 14 x 400-meter long pipes with several escort ships, had its tow broken by a container feeder ship. Out of the 14 pipes being towed, 2 remained attached to the tug, a couple were salvaged, leaving the remainder lost at sea. On the 11th August 4 of the pipes were washed up on the Norfolk Coast at Sea Palling, Horsey, Waxham and Winterton-on-Sea. The company that owned the pipes were forced to pass the matter to their insurance company who put the recovery and removal of the pipes out to tender.

Lifting Pipes out of the Water

On the 13th September Scotline were contacted by the Special Projects division of Danish freight forwarding company, Blue Water Shipping A/S, to discuss salvaging the pipes. Blue Water Shipping asked Scotline to provide suitable vessels for removing and transporting the pipes from Lowestoft Harbour back to Aalborg in Denmark in the most cost-effective way. One of the key parameters for both companies to transport the pipes was for all of them to be removed from Lowestoft by the 31st October 2017, a tough deadline for the number and size of pipes, requiring a number of shipments.

Blue Water Shipping’s Naval Architects, Stevedore Foremen and Project Forwarders teamed up with Vessel Owner, Scotline, to select the most suitable vessel type from their fleet, considering intake, lashing/securing setup and timing among other factors.

The first ship, MV Scot Mariner, was positioned for loading the first parcel of pipes on Monday 16th October, then her sister ship, MV Scot Venture, for the second parcel two days later. Both ships took the maximum number of pipes, stowed 3 tiers high under deck and 2 tiers high on deck.

Scot Mariner Sailing from Lowestoft with a full Cargo

Blue Water Shipping entered into an agreement with local crane operator, Wavetrade Ltd, to supply mobile crane, lifting equipment and labour to perform the loading operation, while other local services were ordered via local agent, Fr. Meyer’s Sohn UK.

The final ship will be from the Scotline fleet to take the remaining pipes, flanges and granulate back to Denmark where they will be recycled by Aage Vestergaard Larsen A/S, having more than 45 years of experience in plastic recycling. Aage Vestergaard Larsen, being one of the leading companies in Europe working with plastic recycling, will convert the pipes in to a quality raw material to be reused in the European plastic industry. ‘This will be the largest single project being carried out at their facilities in Mariager, Denmark, and everyone is looking forward to getting started’, says Franz Cuculiza, Managing Director from Aage Vestergaard Larsen. These additional 1500 tons of plastic will increase the annual production by approximately 10% during 2018, resulting in more people to be employed at the factory in Mariager.

Recycled pipes

Once all materials are shipped from Lowestoft, the designated quay area will be delivered back to the port.   

‘This story shows that when combining forces of experts across borders, even complicated projects like this can be overcome’, says Nikolaj Buurgaard Sørensen, Operations Manager from Blue Water Shipping.

A video of loading can be seen here.

Job Vacancy at Intrada Ships Management



Job Vacancies

Position: Marine Superintendent

At: Intrada Ships Management Ltd, an established ships management company, managing a fleet of coastal vessels between 2500 – 4500 DWAT.

Responsibilities: The company is looking for a marine superintendent / fleet manager who:-

  • is responsible to the Technical Director for ensuring that the Company operate and maintain a Safety Management System in accordance with International Safety Management (ISM) Code
  • will ensure the Company is issued with a Document of Compliance and that the individual ships have valid Safety Management Certificates issued by the appropriate flag state
  • is responsible for ensuring the vessels are manned with suitably qualified seafarers
  • will assist the Technical Director in the day to day general management of the fleet
  • will also act as the Company Security Officer in respect of the International Ship & Port Facility Security (ISPS) Code.

Due to the nature of the job the Company is seeking applicants who hold a senior deck certificate and who have sailed in a senior deck position (Master, Mate).


Position: Technical Superintendent

At: Intrada Ships Management Ltd, an established ships management company, managing a fleet of coastal vessels between 2500 – 4500 DWAT.

Responsibilities: The company is looking for a technical superintendent who:-

  • is responsible to the Technical Director and will be responsible for ensuring that the fleet of vessels are properly maintained in compliance with relevant rules and regulations, manufacturer’s recommendations and our company standards.
  • will ensure quarterly technical inspections are completed on each vessel, check the vessels’ general condition and PM system are complied with and ensure all vessel certification is valid.
  • will be responsible for preparing specifications for dry-docking work and overseeing this maintenance periods. You will be liaising with Class and Flag Administration as required.
  • should hold relevant qualifications, have a marine engineering background and have some experience working either on board or ashore of coastal – type vessels. Knowledge of Ship Management would also be beneficial.


The jobs will be based in Rochester, SE England.

Travel and staying away for short periods may be required. An enthusiastic and self-starting attitude would also be preferable.

Salaries are subject to negotiations. The successful candidates must have permission to work in the UK by the start of their employment.


Applications: Applicants should send a CV and cover letter to:

Rob Millatt

Intrada Ships Management Limited

36 Riverside Estate

Sir Thomas Longley Road

Medway City Estate



or email: [email protected] with ‘ISM Job Application’ in the title

scot navigator christening1

Scot Navigator Christened at Rochester


Scotline Marine Holdings are pleased to announce that we have taken full delivery of the Scot Navigator. We christened her on Friday 7th July at Scotline Terminal Medway in Rochester.

scot navigator rochester1_2000_x_700

A beautiful day in Rochester welcomed the Scot Navigator and her guests, which was a great opportunity for us to get people together and celebrate. The day consisted of a traditional christening ceremony, followed by a chance for the guests to mingle and inspect the vessel.


The Champagne poised, ready to Christen the Vessel



The Crew of the Vessel with her Godmother


Fortunately for the superstitious crew, the christening went without a hitch. Glenda, the ship’s godmother, spoke to the crowd before cutting the ribbon and everyone toasted the vessel.

Thanks to everyone who joined us on Friday, it was a great day and we appreciate your support. From everyone at Scotline and beyond, we wish the Scot Navigator many years of happy trading! Contact Intrada Chartering if you have a (photogenic) cargo for the new vessel.

Details about the Scot Navigator can be found here.



scotline grand prix 1

Scotline Grand Prix 2017


Scotline hosted the 21st Scotline grand Prix on Tuesday 4th July, 2017.

Once again, everyone descended this week on Bayford Meadows Kart circuit in Sittingbourne, for the 21st annual Scotline Grand Prix. On Tuesday 4th July we got together the great & good of the timber industry and UK short sea to see who could complete the most laps of the kart circuit in a 3-hour endurance race.


The pace was a little bit slower than in previous years!

It was a perfect day for racing with warm weather and a bit of cloud. All of the regulars were present along with a couple of new faces, it promised to be an exciting race. From the green flag on, there were 2 fore runners – Tysers and TM Global – that left the pack behind and so it stayed for the remainder of the race.

With the eventual winners getting away, there were still some great battles on the track with everybody finding other drivers of similar standards to tussle with. Eventually though, it just came down to which of the 2 teams would come out victorious….

scotline grand prix 2

Congratulations to TM Global for eventually coming out on top, with Tysers in a close second, and a good time had by all. We hope to see you all again next year for another close and enjoyable race.

Please see lap times for all teams here:


scotline tennis

Scotline Tennis – May 2017


And the Scotline Tennis 2017 winner is….!

On Wednesday May 10th Scotline once again convened on Brentwood Hard Courts to compete for the prestigious Scotline tennis trophy.

Unlike last year which had sun, rain and snow, it was a nice clear day with ideal tennis – playing conditions. 24 players entered into a mixed doubles tournament with a round robin and the top 8 going into semis then a final.

The standard this year was good with a number of people showing their competitive sides. It seems there are a couple of budding Andy Murrays out there in the timber industry, with a few semi-professionals claiming to only play “once in a while”.

After the round robins and the semi finals (and some strawberries and cream), the final was contested between Julie Shotton & Magnus Lofgren vs Cindy Crancher & Pehr Eriksson.

A tough set of tennis later and the eventual winners were decided. The 2017 runners up were Cindy Crancher and Pehr Eriksson:

Leaving the eventual winners as Julie Shotton and (ex professional!) Magnus Lofgren. Congratulations to Julie and Magnus.

Scotline hopes everyone who took part enjoyed the day and we hope to see you all there again next time.

Scot Navigator launch 1

Scot Navigator Launched


Scotline are pleased to announce the launch of the Scot Navigator from the GS Yard B.V. in Groningen. She will become the 10th vessel in the Scotline fleet.

On Wednesday the 22nd February 2017 the Scot Navigator was launched at the GS Yard B.V. in Groningen. She has a modern, efficient design which makes her the ideal acquisition for our expanding fleet, whilst being built to comply with all the latest legislation including provisions for ballast water treatment.

Scot Navigator Launch 3

The Scot Navigator will have a length of 88 metres, a beam of 13.75 metres and a maximum sailing draught of 4.90 metres. This will give her a timber-fitted capacity of about 5,500 cubic metres. She will be powered by a Caterpillar engine and will be sailing under the British flag like the rest of the Scotline fleet.

We expect her to be fully operational and delivered in May 2017.

Scot Navigator Launch 2


Scot Explorer Experiences Rough Weather in Buckie


Our Scot Explorer was stuck in Buckie last week because of the storms that hit the UK. In the extremely rough weather she couldn’t work, even in the shelter of the harbour.

The chief engineer, Radek, managed to take a video of the conditions in Buckie:


Distillery Tanks

She was in Buckie to load an interesting project cargo of whiskey distillery tanks. The destination for these is the Jameson’s Old Midleton Distillery in Cork.


scot venture rough weather

Scot Venture in Ice


A couple of short videos sent to us from our Scot Venture this week shows her navigating her way through the ice whilst loading in Riga.

As more of the Baltic ports become ice locked, the ice breakers are working hard to keep the port of Riga open.

Thanks to Iggy on board for sending us the videos.



It turns out that it’s not just Riga that’s experiencing bad weather at the moment. The pictures below was sent today showing the conditions in Buckie. 



scot explorer buckie


Thanks to Radek on the Scot Explorer for the update.