scot carrier

Scotline Take Delivery of Scot Carrier


Scotline are pleased to take delivery of MV Scot Carrier!

After launching the Scot Carrier in September, 2 months of very hard work have resulted in her being delivered on schedule. Thanks to our superintendents and Royal Bodewes for all their hard work.

She is now the 9th and largest vessel in our owned fleet, plus the 6 vessels on long-term time charter.

Her maiden voyage, as you’d expect, is a timber cargo from Riga, bound for Rochester and then on to her home port of Inverness.

We’re very pleased that she’s come into service and hope for many years of safe and happy trading.


Scot Carrier, Looking Aft whilst Alongside


Hatch Covers being Installed


Scot Carrier’s Engine Room Looking Immaculate


Sitting Alongside Prior to Delivery