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3 Scotline Vessels Approaching Rochester

A Short video update showing a rare sighting of 3 Scotline vessels approaching Rochester.

Just a quick update with a video from the Scot Venture. Whilst waiting at the small-ships anchorage, she caught a video of our Scot Leader and time-charter vessel SMN Explorer approaching the Medway. Both vessels, after picking up a pilot, proceeded up the Medway towards Rochester for discharge. Obvious from the video is the additional speed of the larger vessel. Anybody wishing to dub some Murray Walker commentary over the top is welcome to send it over!

A second video update which we’ve recently received from our Scot Navigator approaching Fraserburgh Harbour. The short time-lapse video shows the challenges of the approach, which were well dealt with by one of new Masters.

Since posting, we’ve received an update of a couple of videos of the Scot Navigator berthing, but from a different perspective. Thanks to Andy Winton for sending over the following videos of the Navigator berthing in Fraserburgh.

Andy also sent over a recent video of the Eastern Virage. You can see the rest of Andy’s videos at his YouTube page here.

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