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Inverness is the port in the Scottish highlands that Scotline operates from and offers a full range of services from stevedoring to storage.

The Port of Inverness is ideally located on the Scottish east coast in the economic and administrative capital of the Highlands. The port is based close to the city centre, so has excellent links not only with the city, but also with the surrounding regions. It is one of Scotland’s most sheltered natural deep water harbours and as a result the port can offer ships almost guaranteed access, irrespective of the weather.

The Port’s Mission Statement is for it to “be a progressive, vibrant driver of growth for Inverness and the Highlands and to be recognised as such by the community and by industry”.

The excellent, modern facilities mean that we can handle almost any goods, from bulk aggregates to unitised board to large project cargoes. The port recently installed a new entrance which can now accommodate extra-long loads – up to 50 metres – ideal for handling project cargoes such as wind turbine blades. The in-house haulage service means that we can also deliver your cargo straight to the end customer, with competitive DAP / FBY rates as far as the Forth. Contact us here for more information about haulage options.

Customer Services:

The terminal used by Scotline in Inverness is able to offer the following services:

  • Pick – a – pack
  • Vessel agency
  • Managed timber and pulp stock holdings
  • Customs clearance
  • Stevedoring
  • Forwarding and haulage



The terminal in Inverness consists of:

  • 10 acres of surfaced, open storage
  • 4,000 square metres of covered storage
  • Office accommodation with all facilities
  • Full range of mobile cranes with 25- to 140-tonne capacity
  • Up to 45-tonne capacity fork lift trucks
  • Capable of taking vessels up to 115 metres LOA
  • Capable of taking vessels with draft up to 6.25 metres (spring tides)



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