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Scot Bay – New Addition to the Fleet?

There’s a new addition to the Scotline fleet, well sort of. We welcome MV Scot Bay to the fleet, but if you’re wondering why she looks very familiar, it’s because we’ve renamed MV Scot Isles!

As part of our campaign to renew the fleet, we’ll be taking delivery of a final Royal Bodewes newbuild vessel in the summer. This vessel will be a sister of MV Scot Ranger and will bear the name Scot Isles, which unfortunately meant that we had to rename the old vessel. We decided to name her Scot Bay.

Scot Bay 2 - Krispen Atkinson

The original Scot Isles has been with us since 2006, when we bought her secondhand as a sister vessel to our Scot Mariner and Scot Venture. She has been a faithful and reliable servant since then, so we decided to keep her but give the name to the newbuild.

On Monday 29th March Scot Isles entered Rochester and, after a hectic day of completing the name change process, the new Scot Bay departed. Unfortunately we didn’t have much time to capture the events ourselves, but fortunately Krispen Atkinson was there and captured some great shots and a video of our Scot Explorer approaching and Scot Bay sailing. All credit for photos and videos goes to Krispen, who can be found here:

Eagle-eyed viewers will also notice our Scot Pioneer in the background, being discharged at our Transit terminal. 

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