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Scotline Tennis 2019

Scotline would like to thank everyone who attended our 2019 Scotline Tennis competition, held in Brentwood on 1st May.

This year’s tournament was held at the Brentwood Hard Courts in Essex, as it has been for a number of years. Cindy was nervous in the days before the competition, as the weather reports were mixed. Luckily her rain dance paid off and we were again blessed with sunshine for a great day of tennis.

The usual format of round – robins followed by finals was followed, with everyone playing a couple of games before Les, the umpire, counted points to arrange the finals.

scotline tennis
Actual Footage of Scotline Tennis 2019

Before the games started, there were the usual murmurs from people claiming to only play once a year and stating that they hadn’t been receiving any coaching. By the standard of the play, some coaches may disagree as there were certainly a few ringers on the courts!

The games eventually boiled down to a final of Lyn & Rob versus Kent-Åke & Cindy (it’s not a fix!). Despite Rob and Lyn’s experience, it seems Kent-Åke’s quality shone through as the difference between the 2 pairs, with he and Cindy eventually taking the glory.

scotline tennis 2019
Scotline Tennis 2019 Winners – Cindy and Kent-Åke

Thanks to everyone who attended another excellent day of tennis, especially those who travelled from as far as Sweden and Holland. We hope you weren’t too sore the next day and that we see you again next time!

If you’re a keen tennis player or just an “improver” who wants to join us next year, then please get in touch with Cindy and let her know.

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