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Company profile giving detailed information about Scotline as a company, the services we offer, the vessels and terminals we operate and how we can help you.

At Scotline, Shipping is our business. We carried our first forest-product cargo of logs from Inverness to Bremen in 1979 and today are responsible for transporting a high percentage of all softwood into the UK.

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Scotline is based in South East England, with our head office in Romford. Scotline operates out of 2 exclusive terminals & an office in Rochester on the river Medway, with a further site at Inverness in Scotland.


Scotline primarily runs a liner service around Northern Europe with regular routes between Sweden, Ireland, Denmark, Germany, Norway, the Baltic States, the Netherlands, France and the UK. Cargoes vary from forest products to bulk cargoes to project cargoes, among many others; chances are that we’ve dealt with it before. Whatever the enquiry, you will receive a prompt answer so why not get in touch today.


With terminals and an exclusively-operated fleet of modern vessels, we can offer you an all-in-one service of shipping, stockholding and distribution, tailored specifically to your needs. If you need something shipped, have a look at our sailing schedule to see if it fits with our current routes, or speak to a member of the Intrada Chartering team for something more specific.

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